Therapeutic Massage

with Fiona Jeffrey

When we meet

When you come for massage for the first time, I will ask you some questions about your physical and emotional health.  This will give me an overall picture of you and your body so I can give you a massage that is most beneficial for you.

Some like gentle touch, others more vigorous and energising touch.  That may change depending on how you are feeling physically and emotionally at a particular time.   Massage is a two way flow of touch and response and I’ll check with you during the session as to depth of pressure, warmth and comfort.  

Sometimes you may choose deep focused work on a particular part of your body – for example back, neck and shoulders .  Sometimes you may want gentle whole body massage that helps you de-stress and let go of the demands of the day.   

My intention is to help you regain your natural vitality and lead you into a greater sense of relaxation and wellbeing.