Therapeutic Massage

with Fiona Jeffrey


Q: How can I prepare for a massage session?

For your own comfort, it’s helpful to avoid a big meal just before you have a massage.

It’s also helpful to remove jewellery and bring a hair clip if you have long hair.

Q: Will I have to get undressed?

It is your choice but massage works best if you remove some of your clothes.  I have towels for when you lie on the couch.   I prefer to uncover the part of the body that I’m working on so that I can use massage oil to work into the muscles. The rest of your body will remain covered so that you keep warm and comfortable.

Q: How might I feel afterwards?

It varies for each person but it’s usual to feel  thirsty - it’s a good idea to drink water after a massage. 

To maximise the benefits of feeling more relaxed and energised, try to arrange a bit of space for yourself after the session.

Q: How often should I have massage therapy?

As often as you can afford it!