Therapeutic Massage

with Fiona Jeffrey

Therapeutic Massage

MassageMassage is one of the oldest, most effective, and natural forms of healing. It uses sensitive touch to ease tension of body and mind. The practitioner brings their knowledge of massage strokes, muscles and bones, of movement, and of listening to the body.

Holistic massage treats you on all levels of your being, giving you a greater ability to feel alive in your own body:

Physically: Relaxing and toning aching muscles
Helping healthy flow of blood
Encouraging lymphatic flow
Stretching connective tissue of joints

Mentally: Relieving stress and anxiety

Emotionally: Releasing energy that has been locked up in tension and encouraging feelings of wellbeing and ease.

For many of us, tension has become a way of life. Massage can put you back in touch with how it feels to be relaxed, and to experience the pleasure of a body that can breathe and move freely.