Therapeutic Massage

with Fiona Jeffrey

About me

Fiona JeffreyI am a registered practitioner with The Massage Training Institute and trained in Holistic Massage with Anatomy and Physiology, with The Sheffield Centre for Massage Training.    My background is in counselling and focusing (a body oriented technique) and I have worked as a therapist for 20 years.  I am a practising Buddhist.

My engagement with massage is a response to seeing the effect on many of us of life’s stressful and hectic conditions.   At times we are so busy that we barely have time to catch our breath.

It is easy to lose touch with the joy of simply being alive in a breathing body.

My own experience of giving massage is that it helps to create a space to stop and reconnect with ourselves.   Sometimes that is just what is needed to gain perspective as well as a body at peace with itself.